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  • 25 Alternate Ways to Distribute Your Zine
    (1) Tattoo it on your ass. (2) Have stoplight squeegee guys offer a free issue with any purchase. (3) 3. Ask your representative in Washington to read it into the Congressional Record...
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • A Short History of Fanzines
    A timeline by Chip Rowe that first appeared on the now-defunct Electronic Newsstand. Covers 3500 B.C. to 2076.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Have You Thought About Publishing Your Own Zine?
    An advertisement created by the National Zine Institute that offers a quick and easy way to produce your own fanzine. From 127 Days to Live.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Stop Reading Zines: A Warning to Addicts
    "Fanzines ruin America. I know. I'm an American and fanzines ruined me." Bob Zark demands you put that zine down. From Bad Newz #11
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Things Zines Have Taught Me
    Lessons from reading a few too many zines, by Ninjalicious of Infiltration.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Top Zine Fair Pick-Up Lines
    Ryan Bigge and Matt Blackett contribute their eight ways to meet your lover.
    (Added: 24-Nov-2002)

  • Underground Press Conference Spoof
    In 1995, a group of zine editors put together a zine conference in Chicago. Other zine editors created a parody of the schedule.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

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