Raw Material
Murder Can Be Fun

John Marr,
Murder Can Be Fun

Age: 36

Selection: "The Great Boston Molasses Flood" (page 28)

Recent review (from Zine World): "MCBF was the first zine I ever bought, and it still engrosses me for hours when the new issue comes out... Delightfully demented."

Sample: $2 cash from P.O. Box 640111, San Francisco, CA 94164

MCBF Library Blog

When did you launch your zine? What inspired you to do so?
I started MCBF in 1986 to provide a sordid outlet for my more unhealthy obsessions.

Why publish a zine?
Because no one else will do it for me.

Any general tips for aspiring zinesters?
Spring for a saddle stapler, and never try to ride a bus carrying forty pounds of zines. Also remember that no matter how good your zine is, it really sucks and you should try to make it better next time.

What's your favorite part of doing a zine?
Sending the new issue off to the printer.

In my other life, I'm a:
A mild-mannered civil servant.

Death at Disneyland
An Interview with John Marr

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