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How to Publish a Fanzine

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In 1988, Mike Gunderloy, the founder of Factsheet Five, wrote a 91-page paperback called "How to Publish a Fanzine" for Loompanics, a publisher of subversive books. Since the book is long out of print and almost impossible to find, Mike Gunderloy and Michael Hoy of Loompanics graciously allowed me to post excerpts and also convert its entirety to a digital format that visitors can download at no charge.
Gunderloy's book is a great read, particularly his chapters on the typical production process of an early issue of Factsheet Five, his account of how to publish a zine during wartime, and his memories of publishing a high school newspaper. I have posted these chapters and his introduction below. The book also includes tips on production, promotion, printing & binding, mailing and finances, as well as a glossary and bibliography. The entire book, including the chapters posted below, has been reproduced as a PDF file (please note that Gunderloy no longer publishes F5, and that some addresses in the text are not current). To view the PDF file, you'll first need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader.
When he sent me "How to Publish a Fanzine" to scan and post, Michael Hoy included a note that read, "This was a great little book, and I am proud to have been associated with it." (Loompanics has since closed.) Gunderloy later co-authored a collection of fanzine reviews called The World of Zines, and he still writes computer books.

Chapter 1: Why Publish?
Chapter 7: Behind the Scenes at Factsheet Five
Appendix 1: Publishing a Fanzine During Wartime
Appendix 2: The High School "Underground" Paper

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