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  • The Book of Zines: Readings From the FringeLook!
    Anthology of pop culture writings from about 80 zines, selected and edited by Chip Rowe. Originally published in paperback in 1997 but now available for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook, nook UK, Kobo Reader and iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch.
    (Added: 21-Jan-2012)

  • Factsheet 5 Zine Reader
    An anthology of zine articles selected by Seth Friedman, then-editor of well-known "zine bible." Published 1997.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Fanzines: The DIY Revolution
    A gorgeous oversized paperback by Teal Triggs, a professor of graphic arts at University of Arts London. It features hundreds of reproductions of zine covers plus a history of fanzines and examination of various genres.
    (Added: 3-Apr-2011)

  • The Girl's Guide to Taking Over the World
    An anthology from zines created by women, selected and edited by Tristan Taormino and Karen Green. Published 1997.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Stories Care Forgot: An Anthology of New Orleans Zines
    Reproductions of a dozen punk zines, including Chainbreaker, Nosedive, Crude Noise, Rocket Queen, Emergency, I Hate This Part of Texas and Chihuahua and Pitbull. Also includes author memoirs of their experiences during and after Hurricane Katrina. Published 2006.
    (Added: 27-July-2008)

  • Zine Yearbook
    Annual anthology of zine writing, edited by Jen Angel and launched in 1997.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

    History and Interviews

  • A Guide to Chicago's Zine Scene & Alternative Press
    A guide to zines published in Chicago. Published 2006.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Alter Ego: The Best of the Legendary Comics Fanzine
    A/E was the first fanzine devoted to comic books and their history. This volume collects the original 11 issues published from 1961 to 1978. Published 2008.
    (Added: 3-Apr-2011)

  • Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture
    Through interviews with people involved in zine production and distribution, the book sheds light on various strategies for this evolving media form. Published 2011.
    (Added: 3-Apr-2011)

  • Below Critical Radar: Fanzines and Alternative Comics From 1976 to Now
    "Twenty-five years of print (and web) anarchy from the fringe publishing culture." Includes interviews and five essays. Edited by Roger Sabin & Teal Triggs. Published 2001.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan & Zine History, 1967-1987
    Trekker zine history by Joan Marie Verba. Published 1996.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Enterprising Women : Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth
    Fan fiction history by Camille Bacon-Smith. Published 1992.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism
    "The first book-length exploration of this exciting movement." Published 2009.
    (Added: 3-Apr-2011)

  • Mystery Fanfare: a Composite Annotated Index to Mystery and Related Fanzines 1963-1981
    by Michael Cook. Published by Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1983.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Notes From the Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative CultureLook!
    Stephen Duncombe explores the history of zines and zine making. Published 1997. Also available in paperback.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Some Zines: American Alternative & Underground Magazines, Newsletters & APAs
    Edited by Bobbi Cunningham. Published 1993.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Why Publish?Look!
    In 1989, Mike Gunderloy, the founder of Factsheet Five, compiled a 54-page paperback called Why Publish? It contained dozens of responses to that question solicited from zine editors. Mike has graciously allowed to post Why Publish? as a PDF file as a free ebook available for download.
    Added: 10-Feb-2002)

  • The World of Fanzines: A Special Form of Communication
    By Fredric Wertham, author of the famous comic book "expose" Seduction of the Innocent. Published in 1973 by Southern Illinois University Press. Largely focuses on science fiction fanzines.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • The World of Zines: A Guide to the Independent Magazine Revolution
    Collection of reviews from early issues of Factsheet 5. Edited by Mike Gunderloy and Cari Goldberg Janice. Published 1992.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Zines, Volume 1
    Extensive interviews with zine editors, including the creators of Beer Frame, Crap Hound, Thrift SCORE and Housewife Turned Assassin. By V. Vale. Published 1996. Search for the best price, or purchase both volumes directly from the publisher for $10 plus $6 postage. Email [email protected] for information.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Zines, Volume 2
    More interviews with zine editors, including the creators of 8-Track Mind, Dishwasher, McJob, Murder Can Be Fun and Temp Slave. By V. Vale. Published 1997. Search for the best price, or purchase both volumes directly from the publisher for $10 plus $6 postage. Email [email protected] for information.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

    How-to Guides

  • From A to Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collection in Your Library
    Published by the American Library Association.
    Added: 13-Feb-2005)

  • How to Publish a FanzineLook!
    In 1988, Mike Gunderloy, the founder of Factsheet Five, wrote a 91-page paperback called "How to Publish a Fanzine." He graciously allowed to post it as a PDF file as a free download, or you can read any of four chapters in HTML format.
    Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • How to Self-Publish Your Own Comic Book
    A guide to the business, production, distribution, marketing and promotion of independent comics. By Tony Caputo. Published 1997.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Jamming the Media
    Gareth Branwyn's 1997 guide to public access television, film, video, the Internet, zines and other DIY avenues is getting harder to find.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Make a Zine! A Guide to Self-Publishing as a Book on How to Produce a Zine
    Bill Brent is the editor of the sex and humor zine, Black Sheets. This is his no-nonsense guide, published in 1997, to creating a zine. It includes a chapter specific to sex zines. A new edition was published in 2008.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing
    An essential guide to publishing a zine via electronic mail, including the best software and promotion techniques. By Chris Pirillo of Lockergone.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution
    A brief guide to doing a zine, including tools, layout, copying, printing, trading, promotion, ordering, mailing and distribution.
    (Added: 3-May-2008)

  • Webworks: Ezines
    This design book by Martha Gill makes liberal use of the term zine, profiling online magazines such as Time and Fortune, as well as "renegade upstarts" like Suck and Urban 75. But it still may be useful for ideas about site design.
    Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Zines
    Edited by Liz Farrelly. This 94-page book presents visual examples of self-published projects from around the world, covering many genres and formats. Published 2001.
    Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Zine Scene: The Do-It-Yourself GuideLook!
    Francesca Lia Block and Hillary Carlip assembled this colorful, popular guide to creating a paper zine aimed at young women. It also includes excerpts.
    Added: 1-Jan-2002)

    Children & Teens

  • Reggie's Zine
    Tie-in to Rocket Power, a cartoon on Nickelodeon that features Regina "Reggie" Rocket, an 11-year-old who has her own zine. See also 'Zine Queen.
    Added: 2-Jun-2002)

  • Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine?
    Illustrators Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson put together this handwritten and lively guide for teenagers to making their own fanzines.
    Added: 24-Dec-2005)


  • Fanzine Boy
    By Paul Stapleton. Join Fanzine Boy and his two friends Kelvin and Simon as they desperately try to sell a copy of their dismal small press publication in this Kindle-only, 39-page comic.
    Added: 3-Apr-2011)

  • Walking Man
    By Tim Brown. Walking Man documents the life and times of Brian Walker, publisher of the zine Walking Man. Through a fateful encounter between his foot and a yuppie's BMW, Brian becomes the most famous zine publisher in America.
    Added: 27-July-2008)

    Anthologies (Single Title)

Answer Me!
by the Goads (1994)
First three issues.
Bad Subjects
by Bad Subjects (1997)
Political education.
New // Used
The Baffler
edited by Tom Frank (1997)
Consuming essays.
New // Used
Beer Frame
by Paul Lukas (1997)
Strange products.
Ben is Dead
by Darby Romeo (1997)
Retro hell, '70s & '80s.
The Big Rumpus
by Ayun Halliday (2002)
East Village Inky.
New // Used
by bOING bOING (1995)
Happy mutant guide.
by Marcelle Karp & Debbie Stoller (1999)
The new girl order.
New // Used
by Aaron Cometbus (1999)
A short collection of his best writings. (UK)
Cometbus Omnibus
by Aaron Cometbus (2002)
A long collection of his best writings. (US)
New // Used
The Duplex Planet
by David Greenberger (1994)
Revealing interviews with the elderly.
Evel Incarnate
by Steve Mandich (2000)
The life and legend of the great jumper.
New // Used
by Marilyn Wann (1999)
A guide for the happily overweight.
New // Used
edited by Roxxie (1998)
For athletic women with attitude.
New // Used
Guinea Pig Zero
by Robert Helms (2002)
Waiting-room material.
New // Used
Hip Mama
by Ariel Gore (1998)
No-nonsense advice.
New // Used
by Daniel Drennan (1998)
New York diaries.
New // Used
by Donna Kossy
Maybe they're right.
Living Cheap News
by Larry Roth (1996)
Live for less.
New // Used
Out Your Backdoor
by Jeff Potter (2001)
A zine anthology.
Pagan's Head
by Pagan Kennedy (1998)
She builds a following.
by Jim Hogshire (1999)
Marketing & history.
New // Used
Punk, the Original
by John Holmstrom (1996)
First punk zine?
New // Used
The Realist
by Paul Krassner (1997)
Great satire and humor.
New // Used
by Lisa Carver (1996)
Dancing queen.
by Lisa Carver (1996)
The best of book.
Search & Destroy 1
edited by V. Vale (1996)
San Francisco punks.
Search & Destroy 2
by V. Vale (1997)
San Francisco punks.
New // Used
Temp Slave!
by Jeff Kelly (1997)
For hourly workers.
New // Used
Thrift SCORE
by Al Hoff (1997)
Hidden treasures.
We Owe You Nothing
by Daniel Sinker (2001)
Punk Planet interviews.
New // Used
Working for the Man
by Jeffrey Yamaguchi (2000)
Wage slaves.
New // Used
by Pete Jordan (2007)
Cross-country suds.
New // Used
Future Generation
by China Martens (2007)
Punk parenting.
New // Used
Clamor Magazine
by Jen Angel (2008)
A critical history.
New // Used
by Wilson (2006)
Psycho fanzine.
New // Used
Kiss Army!
by Gene Simmons (2009)
Anthology of Kiss zines.
New // Used
Touch and Go
by Vee, Stimson, Miller (2010)
Hardcore punk '79-'83.
New // Used

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